YA Scavenger Hunt – 70

Congratulations! You’ve reached port #70 in the course of your YA Summer Scavenger Hunt travels!

This land is full of dark and thrilling adventures, some out of this world, some a little closer to home.

Scroll down to find the word you need to complete the short story. I’ve a few special books to share with you along the way.

In the meantime, watch you step, look over your shoulder, stay alive, don’t get caught. May you find the treasure for which you’ve been searching.

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Maella didn’t mean to open a door.

Maella tried NOT to open a door.

She just wanted to save her friend.

Pushed through a portal of her own making, Maella discovers worlds of nightmarish flying monsters, magical drug deals, political prisoners, religious cults, and a terrifying prediction: Maella will die upon opening her seventh door. In order to survive, Maella must uncover her family’s secrets, all while hiding her identity and outrunning the prediction of her death.

But what do you do when the truth you need could destroy the universe?

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Word #70 in the scavenger hunt is:


Onwards to port #71!

Return me to port #69.

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