Marked by Fate: Origins


Esson only has two hours to complete the first interstellar drug deal of his thirteen-year-old life.

Do you think he’ll make it?

Find “Devil’s Harvest” inside Marked by Fate: Origins

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In my YA Fantasy series launching this fall, Maella comes from a family of doormakers—people who unleash otherworldly violence when they open something even as simple as a cabinet door.

Maella has an older brother. His name is Esson. He is a doormaker like Maella. A year before Maella’s story takes place in Doormaker Book 1, Esson vanishes.

I wrote his short story. How he vanished. WHY he vanished.

The anthology doesn’t just contain my story. It has 15 teen warrior stories. Read on for details and grab yourself a copy while it’s on sale.

Marked by Fate: Origins

Beginnings. Secrets. Deleted Scenes.

Transport yourself to other worlds with 15 Marked by Fate teen warriors… encounter shadows, queens, witches, and wizards who battle against immortals, angels, vampires, demons, genetically engineered soldiers, robots and gods. Let yourself be swept away by adventures in magical fantasy worlds, mind-blowing dystopian lands, space stations, galaxies, and alternate timelines.

The short stories and deleted scenes in Marked by Fate: Origins are exclusive to this collection and they go away—some of them forever—when the Marked by Fate full box set releases in October 2017.

Gain a glimpse of where the action begins, including a deeper look into some of your favorite characters! Get the Marked by Fate: Origins collection today to join these teen warriors in their adventures.