The Fog of Weeds

Setting often plays a key role in my stories–I find it critical to a character’s state of mind. Weather also plays an important role in how both the reader and character experience setting. In my post-apocalyptic Feast of Weeds series, Corrina experiences the end of the world during a Northern California winter. In this city along the river, winter means fog. A thick, suffocating, blanket of fog, which pretty much represents how Corrina feels when her world falls apart, armed soldiers capture her husband, she’s betrayed, infected, almost killed–and that’s just the first couple of chapters.

These are some of the fog pictures I’ve taken that helped inspire my settings in Book #1 (the man in a few of the pics is my husband–I told him to act scary):

Fog and man on a spooky trailFog on a winding trail with oak treesFog on a winding trailFog and a brilliant yellow tree Man, dog, and fog on a spooky trail

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  1. I habe been a reader since the age of four. I will be 69 next month. You can imagine how many books I have read! That said, this is to thank you for sharing your gifts with us! At my age, I appreciate work that is at master level. Tht is, not full of typos, illogic, cliched tropes, etc. I plan to read all your work and recommend it to my fellow Boomers! Oh, also, I was born and raised in CA, so I can appreciate the details of the locations you share. Thanks again!

  2. Love the pics, I can see how the view would set the mood. But I gotta agree JB doesn’t really fit in lol!

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