Delta Bike Tour 1 – The Maps

Delta Bike Tour | A blog series exploring a two day road bike tour around the Sacramento Delta. Includes route maps and pics. JamieThornton.com #deltabiketourThis is the first post in a new series that explores some of my research and adventures while writing A Feast of Weeds, a post-apocalyptic adventure trilogy.

When violence erupts in Corrina’s neighborhood, Corrina and Dylan must flee. But then Dylan is captured and when Corrina attempts a rescue, she’s infected with a virus that messes with her memories—like PTSD and seeing ghosts, all-in-one. Suddenly she can’t be sure what’s real and what’s the virus and whether she’s still human. Troubles ensue, betrayals mount, people die. Corrina will do anything to save Dylan, even kill. And that’s just A Feast of Weeds: Book #1.

I had so much fun writing this series.

My characters in A Feast of Weeds eventually spend a lot of time on their bicycles. When the world falls apart, vehicles choke the freeways, and neighborhoods burn, bicycles might just be the most reliable way to get out of town. I went on two road bike tours with my husband over the past year to get a feel for what my characters might go through on the trail.

We started this first Delta Bike Tour in West Sacramento. We biked for two days; an out-and-back trip. The first day was about 55 miles, the second day was about 45 miles. We stayed the night in Rio Vista. I’ve included Google Maps of our route as well as some highlight pictures below. The posts in the rest of this series will share details about the route, the curious and beautiful sights along the way, and what all of that did to my imagination.

Igneous Books is publishing A Feast of Weeds in late Spring 2015. I’ll be sending updates, sneak peeks, and advance reader copies through my email list.   I hope you decide to Join the Adventure and further explore how this delta bike tour informed the trilogy.

Day #1 Map – from West Sacramento to Rio Vista

Day #2 Map – from Rio Vista to West Sacramento


  1. Being on a bike, as in this case, allows you to stop and take a breather. I’m glad that when you did this, you took pictures. Which makes me wonder, did you take the breather because you needed to, or because something caught your eye? Either way, thanks for doing it.

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