The new DOORMAKER novel is here!

Three worlds are falling apart. The select few with power to open doors between the worlds are being hunted into extinction. Nightmarish monsters, magical drug deals, political prisoners, religious cults, and terrifying death predictions await.

Junle is a torchlighter, one of the few who are strong enough to climb the pipes to keep the Tower of Shadows working and the licatherin flowing. She’ll do whatever it takes to save the torchlighter boy she loves from his death prediction…Even if that means turning the Tower of Shadows into a pile of rubble.

DOORMAKER: TORCHLIGHTERS (A Short Novel) officially released today in both paperback and ebook. Buy it now in paperback or ebook (keep reading for a special ebook offer!):





The reviews are already coming in strong. This is a must read, especially for those who enjoy dark fantasy, portals to alternate worlds, and dangerous magical powers.

“Junle is fighting to find a way out…fast-paced…right up there with the Hunger Games. It keeps you enthralled…” 

“grab-me-by-the-seat-of-my-pants adventure!”

“…new characters are strong and courageous. There is plenty of adventure … kept me going to the next page…”

“She fights so hard for the people she loves.”

“Torchlighters is a great story that contributes to the Doormaker series perfectly.”

There’s also something very special in the back of the ebook–just for launch week.

A secret portal to a secret song.

Grab DOORMAKER: TORCHLIGHTERS by midnight, February 3rd, to get access to the secret song where, yours truly, sings The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games a cappella.

The portal is after the last page of the ebook story.  When you get there, you will find a special link and this picture:

(Can you see my dog in the background? Did he sleep through the whole thing? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.)

So if you’re a Doormaker fan, or if you’re just in the mood for a suspenseful fantasy ride, then you’ll want to pick up this book now.

And remember, when you pick up a copy of DOORMAKER: TORCHLIGHTERS by Sunday…

…you’ll get the best price, ever (currently 99 cents, normally $3.99).

…and access to the secret reader portal with my secret song waiting inside.





P.S. Here’s what people are saying about Doormaker: Rock Heaven (Book 1)

“I really enjoyed Rock Heaven, which reminded me a lot of HIS DARK MATERIALS. Maella already lost her older brother and father to the “curse”…. doormakers are hated and reviled on virtually every planet in the multiverse…. while traveling to other worlds is hardly a new concept in fantasy, the idea of having no control over it as well as it affecting mundane life, like being unable to open doors is wonderfully terrifying. It’s something Stephen King would come up with and makes the opening very evocative….They are trapped in another universe with no way to return (like SLIDERS)…” 

Read the rest of C.T. Phillips review on BookNest

Did the publisher put back the secret portal inside Doormaker: Book One as well? Why, yes, yes they did.

Yours in darkness and stars,

Jamie Thornton

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author