Reading for Pleasure: Go Do It Now!

stack of booksBefore I had the courage to call myself a writer I would feel guilty about reading. I thought I should have spent that time getting done something productive and not be ‘selfish’.

When I started calling myself a writer I realized it became a part of my job description to read as much as possible, especially novels that I enjoyed. I realized that I MUST make time for reading because reading will make me a better writer and good reading always makes me excited to write.

There’s a great phobia that solves any and all problems with finding time to read:

Abibliophobia: having the morbid fear of running out of reading material

Suggested Usage: “Jamie is such an abibliophobe that she NEVER leaves the house without a novel tucked into her purse – otherwise the world may end.”

Suggested Usage: “Jamie is such an abibliophobe she included the word in the ABOUT Jamie Thornton section of the blog.”

Allow me to count the ways in which I am an abibliophobe:

      • I will choose a purse to take with me based on the size of the book I’m currently reading.
      • The side slots in my car doors contain at least one novel.
      • If I’m going on a roadtrip that number increases to at least five (and that’s five on top of what I’ve managed to pack in my purse and other bags).
      • Some people can’t get away for a weekend without packing 10 pairs of shoes. I’ll decide to wear only the flip-flops on my feet in order to make room for another book in my bag.
      • My To-Be-Read pile is four stacks at least three feet high.
      • I’ve been known to sacrifice water bottle room in my hiking pack to make room for a novel I just might get the urge to read.
      • I’ve been known to bring a book, or two (or three) to family dinners.
      • Going to the movies? Need a book to read before the movie starts.
      • Even if I was willing to purchase The Kindle, I would still carry around a backup novel just in case the batteries ran out, I cracked the screen, or someone set off an EMT.
      • If I absolutely could not fit a novel in whatever purse I was taking, I still print out an article and fold it like crazy until it fits.
      • If folding it like crazy still won’t make it fit, I’ve been known to stuff my husband’s pockets instead.

The above list is what I’ve managed to brainstorm in about five minutes. Thank goodness reading is now a part of my job description.

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  1. Yes, let’s own the condition together! Strength in numbers! Maybe if there’s enough of us flaunting our abibliophobia with pride it will make others feel uncomfortable with their lack of reading material.

    We could be the start of a worldwide movement, ‘one book in the hand of every person at all times….’

    Or, you know, we could just be book nerds together.

    A win/win situation? ;)

  2. My family used to make jokes about “Richard’s security book”. When I was a kid I’d bring books with me everywhere. To family dinners. To restaurants. To movies. To the bathtub (though my one experience trying to read in the shower was a failure — no, I’m not kidding). To Disneyland.

    As I grew older, I grew more ashamed of my addiction and stopped bringing books to the dinner table and to family gatherings (though I’ve been seen picking up books from my parents’ bookcase and reading them). But it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who suffers from abibliophobia; perhaps now I can own the condition, and flaunt it with pride.

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