Ominous Positivity

Today, I stumbled upon a revelation about myself…

(of course it was in the form of a meme)

…that feels brand new but has clearly been part of me all along. It’s like discovering that you’ve had a superpower your whole life and just didn’t know it.

So, here’s the discovery: Ominous positivity.

I am absolutely in love with this idea.

(You will be fine you have no choice)

(Everything will turn out okay you cannot stop it)

(Better days are already coming it’s too late now)

(Happy travels or else)

Ominous positivity pretty much sums up what I write. Zombies? Check. Portals to mysterious realms? You bet. Dystopian sci-fi and fantasy adventures? All of the above.

My stories are all about mixing a dash of hope with a sprinkle of dread—a cocktail that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Let’s break it down with some examples, shall we?

**Zombies** A world overrun by the not-quite-undead. It’s grim, right? But my characters? They’re holding onto hope like it’s the last Twinkie on Earth (if you’ve read After The World Ends you know exactly who I’m talking about here 😁), which makes their struggles all the more thrilling.

**Portals** Discovering portals to other realms sounds awesome until you realize it might be a one-way ticket (Anyone who’s read my Doormaker fantasy series knows this well). But you’ll be fine because you have no other choice–the excitement of the unknown is balanced with a hefty dose of danger. Happy travels, or else…

**Dystopian Sci-Fi** Picture societies on the brink of collapse. Dark times indeed, but my heroes find sparks of resistance and hope, like finding an oasis in a desert (or a red boxcar in an abandoned field). Everything will turn out okay because, well, it’s too late to stop it now.

**Epic Fantasy** Epic quests are fraught with peril, but my heroes believe they’ll make it, even when the odds are outrageously not in their favor (Looking at you, The Numinous fantasy book series). Better days are already coming – you cannot stop them.

Even when life throws a curveball the size of a meteor, there’s still a chance to knock it out of the park ⚾☄️.

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