New York Times and USA Today bestseller

While growing up, I read voraciously and the books I loved best tended to have a theme…

…girl surviving with her family on the Old West frontier.

…stowaway on a sailing ship who had to survive a crew mutiny.

…girl surviving on her family‚Äôs farm after nuclear event.

So I decided to try writing more stories like the ones I loved and (fast forwarding several decades of creative angst, painful learning, self-doubt, and lots of hard work) last week, because of your help–

Dark Humanity (featuring GERMINATION, Book 1) hit…

#5 on the New York Times Best Seller’s list

#6 on Amazon US overall

#8 on USA Today Best Seller’s list

Thank you to everyone who checked out the boxed set, and of course to the 20+ hard-working Science Fiction and Fantasy participating authors, and to those who went above and beyond to share Dark Humanity with their friends. This is a dream come true!