My Secret Weapons… Chickens

I can now happily reveal two thrilling pieces of news – not at all related to each other.

The first piece of news…

In the most recent edition of my newsletter, I sketched out my current backyard drama.

An overgrown veggie garden. Really, really overgrown. Absolutely choked with weeds.

(The before picture. No green organism in this picture is fit for human consumption).

I mentioned my utter demoralization at the state of things, especially because I wanted to put in a fall garden.

Ahem, this was a bit of a problem since we are already well into fall.

And then I remembered my nine secret weapons…

My chickens!

So I immediately constructed a makeshift fence between the chicken area and my veggie garden.

A little bit of cardboard, a little bit of netting, a few sticks to prop things up…

…and then the waiting to see how much they would clear out.

Now I am happy to reveal the AFTER picture in all its greenless, weedless glory.

(Look at all that barreness. Beautiful. To be transparent, I did pull a few plants myself while the chickens worked. But only the ones not great for either humans or chickens to eat.)

9 chickens. 9 days. 90% of the weeds gone. Hooray!

And that brings me to my second piece of news…

ALL the audiobooks for my portal fantasy Doormaker series are now available…

…on all major audio retailers (Audible, Apple, Kobo, NOOK, Chirp, Google Play).

…AND in public libraries across the nation.

(though you might have to request the audiobooks through your librarian).

The Doormaker Series … Now in AUDIO

Three worlds. One rule. She must never open a door.

The complete Doormaker portal fantasy series. Now live on all retailers and in public libraries. Available in ebook and AUDIO box sets at a serious discount.


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