Giveaway – Heroes & Heroines with Heart

As soon as I heard about the theme for this giveaway I had to sign up–because of Mary in GERMINATION (Book 1).

Mary is tough on the outside. My money would be on her in any fight, especially if she was protecting another runaway.

But inside?

That’s a different story.

Inside, she has a whole lot of heart, and she knows it.

All that heart makes her vulnerable, which is never a good thing on the street. So she spends a lot of time trying to hide that part of herself from the world.

(And for those who have read GERMINATION, there is a rather horrific sort of pun about hearts that’s happening right now in this post…)


In this giveaway, you’ll get a chance at a prize (iPad mini) AND a group of authors will deliver a bunch of awesome books on the same theme to your inbox.

FYI – It’s a lot of cool books, but also a lot of emails. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time and those emails contain free books!

So what’s the theme of this giveaway?

Heroes and Heroines with Heart

To get the books (and a chance to win an iPad mini) select the “Sci-Fi Fantasy Books” option when you enter the giveaway.

Make sure to enter soon! The giveaway CLOSES in two days.

(FYI – the first graphic below the giveaway shows you the cover art for the Sci-Fi Fantasy books in the Heroes and Heroines with Heart giveaway. Enjoy.)

That’s all I have for this year! May you and yours have a happy New Year. Look for big things from me in 2017, including a new book (or maybe two)!