Book sale adventures

Books are tricky things. Inside their pages lay wonder upon wonder. Even entire universes. But books also weigh a lot. I mean, their physical weight. The pages and stuff. Especially when you go to a used book sale and know it’s unlikely you’re going to have very much self-control. (Me. I’m talking about me.)

That’s why I create physical limits for myself. I try never to drive my car AND I give myself lots of positive talk. “You CAN fill just ONE bag of books. You will be SO HAPPY with ONE bag of books.”

Unfortunately, that didn’t really work this time…or the last time…or the time before that. But I’m hopeful it’ll all work out someday.

In the meantime, I’m pretty excited to dive into a few new cooking books, several nonfiction books, a couple biographies, and more. When will I dig into them? That IS a good question. Since I haven’t yet cracked open a book I purchased from the last book sale I attended… it might be a bit.

The Numinous
fantasy book series
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(Launching November 2024)


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