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To keep the credits flowing, Junle must light her torches.

Indentured to the Tower of Shadows, Junle needs to earn return home credits to pay for her mother’s life-saving medicine, so she signs up for the most dangerous and well paying job in the tower. Junle is a torchlighter, one of the few who are strong enough to climb the pipes outside the tower to keep them working, and to keep the special licatherin drug flowing.

But when a pattern-machine foretells the death of a torchlighter boy she loves, Junle will do whatever it takes to save him.

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Two hours. One interstellar drug deal.

One family rule has shaped Esson’s life: never open a door. Esson comes from a family of doormakers—people who unleash otherworldly violence when they open something even as simple as a refrigerator door.

Esson’s family lied to him.

Esson didn’t die when he opened a door.

But if Esson doesn’t track down some magical drugs within the next two hours, the drug dealer he got involved with might just kill him anyway.

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